Water Maternity Session - Sunshine Coast

Wow, just wow! This was such an incredible shoot. I have been so excited and keen to get back into the water and start shooting in it as well.

For some context, I am officially in my 3rd trimester and pregnant myself. It's such an interesting time. I do find that creativity sparks in pregnancy which I guess only makes sense. We have this intimate knowledge on creating life and I totally believe this can overflow into our daily life/activities, and boy was this my creative flow outpouring. I was sitting smack bang in the middle of total excitement and complete discomfort.

Shooting underwater is so very different... and then shooting in the ocean...There was so much more for me to process and think of. Things like, swell, water clarity, wind direction, tide height and sun location. I was conscious of safety, where would be the best place to take this beautiful mama and also not require too much of me while I'm still experimenting.

In the lead up to the shoot we actually had a bit of rain, so water clarity was very much front of mind. I timed the shoot to optimise this as much as I could.

Now to the shoot... I couldn't help but giggle as those people sun-baking could watch this beautiful godess like mamma in bloom walk into the water while there I am also looking VERY pregnant, trying to manage the gear, the swell, the goggles and snorkel haha. It must have been very comical.

I didn't take my camera out of its gear at the beach. The anticipation to see my images was great but my fear of photography gear and salt water is far greater haha. So it was only after getting home, giving everything a good rinse in fresh water and drying it off that I could actually see what I captured. I messaged Paige the beautiful mama straight away. I was beside myself with excitement with what I had captured. I got editing immediately. Which isn't actually that unusual for me. I love the editing process so off I went editing the final images, and here they are! Well some of them at least. There are so many to choose from.